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A single word December 1, 2010

Posted by Lyserg (Fallen-angel) in a chapter in life.
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A single word can bring a little happiness to you, your family, to someone, or to your love ones.
A word can be a harmless creature,
Or it can be a ruthless critter.
A word is never biased against race, gender, religion and class, just the person who uses it.
It is just a word,
just a word.
Why do you make such a big deal out of it when the word is offensive?
Because it is morally wrong? Well, that is your opinion.
Is it logically wrong? No cause a word is a word. A word does no harm but the person using it does create harm.
Can the person plead a defensive case towards the motive he uses a word or two or more that offended you? Yes, if the opposite part is not ignorant to your plead.
In a highly civilized world, we are all attach to our emotions and we allow it to get the best of us when we feel we are offended by certain words.
We also feel please when certain words shows affection to us.
We all cry when the word shatters your dreams or sense of reality.
If we can just look away from all at the offensive meanings of certain words,
Meanings developed by us humans,
maybe the world could become a better place.
well maybe a little better then before