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What a wonderful night February 15, 2010

Posted by Lyserg (Fallen-angel) in a chapter in life.
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The Polysics
Last night, February 12, was the Polysics concert at the Gramercy Theater on east 23rd street and it was a night that I will never forget. The founder and guitarist: Hiroyuki Harayashi, Bassist: Fumi-chan, drums: Masashi Yano, and Synthesizer: Kayo-chan performed a great concert. As they were performing songs from their new album, Absolute Polysics, and other great hit songs, I realized how great the band truly was. I recalled listening to their music before, about 4-5 years ago, when I stumbled onto their myspace website. Since then, I tried collecting their music but my attempts were futile and my passion for this band eventually died out until last week when I heard of the concert being held in NYC.

I got my concert and train tickets, as I was living away from NYC for uni, and arrived with such anxiety to be at my first Japanese concert. I also won a free pair of tickets from the NYAF committee, but I was left with an extra ticket. Such a waste, =.=. But anyway, I truly felt happy of the outcome and hope to continue being their fan for a lifetime. Pics will be up soon.

~edit 1: Pics are posted. To view more of my pictures, go to here
All pictures were taken by me. If there is any copyright infringement, then I will remove these pictures asap.~

~edit 2: After “These people”(look them up on myspace music) performed, the DJ started playing Take-on-me by Aha and I found myself singing along with the crowd. It was an awesome moment as the entire crowd was singing a famous song.~

~for information about the band, go to the sites below~
Wikipedia: Polysics
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