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Maybe October 31, 2011

Posted by Lyserg (Fallen-angel) in a chapter in life.
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Maybe it is natural for us humans to be selfish
To probably not give a second thought about our selfish actions
To probably disregard the consequences the surrounding party will receive

Maybe that is why we have rules, regulations, laws
To guide people into doubting their selfish actions
To prevent anyone from conflicting harm to everyone

If this is true, then we should be considerate to everyone
Be helpful to one another in times of dire need
And to make that one sacrifice for the greater good

But what if doing this, everyone will be taken advantage of
And have conflicting meaings of dire need, nobody will try to help you out
that by making this sacrifice, we do not achieve happiness

All of these ideas are just fragments of the big picture in our current society
The root of such a chaotic society lingers from the past
What can be done be about this when only small fragments of this country’s population voices their opinions for change

In regard to these current movements, we know that change is needed, but how big will that change be?
And who will be affected? No, this is not the appropriate question.
Instead, Can we all be united for this change?